Nipplepad & Breastlift

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IDR 79,000.00
Nipplepad & Breastlift 32 32

The instant boob’s lifting tape for your special occasion. Ever feel so insecure with your own boobs coz it is not lifted as wanted it to be?
Don’t worry. We are here to answer all your needs!

How to apply breast lift tape:
1. Cut based on your cup size
2. Peel of the sticker
3. Place the sticker near your nipple
4. Pull the upper sticker so that your boobs will be lifted
5. And there you go great bra-leas boobs!

I bag including 5 pairs
And is not reuseable (one time use only)

Reuseable up to 30-40x
Always stick back the plastic cover to the glue part

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