About Us

Nipplets is established in august 2016 by three passionate ladies with wild wild mind and our hoby in collecting lingeries and everything that are sexy enough to seduce our man. 

We were so desperate in looking lingeries that satisfy our wild thoughts but still affordable! So here we are creating bunch of collections and serving you ladies in finding your 'Sexiest lingerie' ever !

And not just lingeries we are also here for you sexy summer season and your sexy night time with you girlgang! That is why there are some of bralettes and bodysuit collection that are still appropriate to hang our with tho westill have to warn you because wearing Nipplets could make people's head turn!!
Trust me it happens to me everytime I wear nipplets and be chillin, people's head are literally turn just to stare at what I am wearing.

Ladies, We always know that we need that attention and so Nipplets is the solution to get that attention from your loved one OR just anyone you want to attract to!
So cheers for that we are sexy in our way!

Enjoy our collections as much as we do!